STOBER serves as a one-stop shop for both the industrial gearing market and the rapidly growing motion control market. As a certified STOBER distributor, MTA is able to provide easy access to an extensive line of industry-leading product options. Our team will help you navigate any phase of your process to deliver a product solution that accelerates growth and reduces cost and lead times.

STOBER operates three shifts five days a week with over 150 employees at their Maysville, Kentucky facility. They can build and ship in 1 day.

STOBER’s capabilities include:

  • Precision Planetary Gearheads
  • Rack and Pinion Drives
  • Servo Geared Motors
  • NEMA Gear Reducers

STOBER Gearboxes for the Food Industry

Reducing downtime is a key objective of every industry, and food processing is no different. A reliable, low maintenance and long-lasting gearbox like the ones manufactured by STOBER can substantially help keep productivity and throughput high.

Sanitation in the Food Industry

Equipment sanitation is a major concern for food producers. Machines in this industry must endure harsh chemicals and high-pressure jet cleaning processes. These and other requirements have prompted STOBER to produce an gearbox made completely from stainless steel, the KSS series, which is also IP69K certified.

Reducing downtime and maintenance

Some food processors must change their gearboxes as often as every few weeks, due to the harsh cleaning processes they use. To overcome this problem, STOBER has focused on reliability and durability. Even under the most difficult conditions, STOBER estimates an average lifespan of 9 years for their gearboxes. This is possible thanks to strict tolerances on bearings, and a completely sealed, lubricated for life chassis with practically zero-maintenance.  

Other advantages

Due to its superior reliability and durability, using STOBER gearboxes can reduce replacement inventory and associated holding costs. STOBER has also designed its products with energy efficiency in mind, so customers can expect lower power consumption. The company is also rolling out STOBER Configurator, which allows customers to find products that meet their specific requirements without going through the catalog.

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