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CompuType, a leading manufacturer of specialty labels for the medical, tire and industrial markets, differentiates themselves by providing a complete solution for their customers. Over the years, they had developed a number of automated solutions for applying tread labels in the tire industry. Their challenge was that every customer had unique requirements for their application requiring extensive customization of each machine as well as extensive on-going support challenges. In addition, the state-of-the-art label delivery systems were maintenance intensive while lacking the necessary application speed and complex motion systems for applying tread labels on the right location of each tire.


MTA researched existing automated tread label technology and realized that a majority of the market was being served by custom automation platforms being developed by integrators. MTA led an effort to capture the voice of the customer and clearly define the customer’s requirements for differentiated technology. With a clear specification defined, the MTA design team then developed breakthrough technology leveraging our expertise in motion control. We used a rapid prototyping to go from a concept to final design in less than twelve months.


The Chromoffix II, a new technology developed by MTA for CompuType, can apply a tread label every 1.8 seconds, twice the speed of conventional tread label machines. The overall cost of the system is less than ½ the cost of custom automation with a success rate of 98.9 percent.


2X faster than conventional tread label machines

98.9% success rate


  • Life Sciences
  • Industrial/CNC

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