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An inspection equipment manufacturer was experiencing excessive tilt and rotational error in the main rotary stage for their equipment. The excessive error was impacting the speed and accuracy of their inspection process. In addition, they were seeing excessive variation from one stage to the next making it difficult to compensate for the errors automatically. They needed to find a solution that would reduce the error to allow them to reduce errors and decrease processing time.


Motion Tech Automation used our Spindle Error Analyzer solution to assess the total rotational error of their current supplier. In addition, we identified a rotary stage platform that had unique technology in their design that provided superior rotational stability and repeatability. We completed an analysis of total rotational error on the current supplier as well as number of other alternatives to identify a solution that met their performance requirement. With our approach, we were able to measure both synchronous errors, asynchronous errors, and tilt simultaneously to identify the best solution from a performance and cost perspective.


With Motion Tech Automation’s software and solutions, the customer reduced the total rotational error by over 75%. With our new rotary stage technology, they were able to improve the speed, accuracy and performance of their inspection process.


  • 75% reduction in total rotational error


  • Rotational Stage Performance Analysis
  • Rotational Stage Benchmarking
  • Rotational Stage Sizing & Selection

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