Packaging Technology Designer



Packaging Technology Designer


The multi-national systems builder markets an entry-level solution for smaller customers that is a build-to-stock standard product. However, a majority of the company's business comes from building and staging large, custom systems. As a majority of the business was structured for the engineered-to-order business, their manufacturing processes did not lend themselves to building standard products efficiently. As a result, the product was not achieving its annual growth target.


MTA took on the manufacturing of the entire product at our facility. We used our CNC capabilities to bring machining of critical components in-house to further reduce cost. We also worked with our existing supply chain to further reduce the cost of fabricated and commercial components. We utilized lean manufacturing techniques to further reduce the lead time and maximize labor efficiency of this manufacturing cell. We utilize Kanban systems to maintain appropriate component inventory to meet demand while minimizing working capital.


Using MTA’s manufacturing location and know-how, the customer achieved a 28% reduction in total cost and reduced the lead time from 10-12 weeks to 5 days.

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