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Pharmaceutical/Specialty Chemical Manufacturer


Precision label detection used to be a difficult and time consuming issue for a pharmaceutical/specialty chemical manufacturer. The manufacturer used various types of labels, many of them required the switching out their label detection sensors in order to work. This required additional machine maintenance and down time as well as additional set-up costs and label scrap for each production run.


Motion Tech Automation proposed a capacitive sensor solution, the Lion Precision LRD6300, that was able to detect all of the labels used in the process. In addition, due to the increased scan frequency of the LRD6300, they were able to increase the line speed by almost 50%.


Lion Precision LRD6300 uses optics-free technology that allows it to detect labels that traditional optical sensors cannot. Utilizing capacitive technology, the customer reduced down-time, reduce set-up time, reduced label scrap, and created a faster and more reliable labeling process. In addition to their standard labels, the customer was able to handle a wider range of label configurations including: Clear Labels Labels with metallic Inks Labels with paper/holographic substrates Hot stamp, sold foil or metal labels


  • Elimination of downtime due to sensor changes
  • Elimination of additional set-up time and label scrap associated with label stock changes
  • 50% improvement in line speed due to higher performance sensors


  • Sensors & I/O
  • Label Reading & Detection (LRD) Sensors

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