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Precision Motion Devices & Innovative System Solutions

At Bell-Everman, we specialize in delivering innovative solutions for both high speed and high accuracy rotary and linear motion devices. Each product is viewed as a building block that can be customized for the OEM to obtain optimum performance in a given application. From single axis of motion to highly integrated mechanisms, the design and engineering team at Bell-Everman will seriously consider the challenges, and offer an invaluable solution. The engineering team at Bell-Everman offers expertise in precision servo-mechanism design and is experienced with commercial robotics for metrology, test, assembly and biomedical applications. Partnerships with the U.S. Government and within the semiconductor and aerospace industries prove Bell-Everman is well versed in working to rigorous standards. Our award-winning motion devices are parametrically designed using Solidworks, and product geometry is available to the customer in virtually any CAD format.


  • ServoBelt Linear Stage
  • ServoBelt Rotary Stage
  • LowBoy Family Linear Stages
  • High Precision Positioning assemblies


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