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R+W Coupling Technology is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of precision couplings, torque limiters, and line shafts for demanding motion control and power transmission applications.  R+W has supplied many thousands of custom coupling designs, creating a wealth of knowledge about the technical requirements associated with a wide variety of industries and applications. Constant new product development takes place in house, in addition to intensive collaboration with universities and technical schools, keeping R+W at the forefront of technical development and product innovation in its field. Over the past 20+ years this has resulted in a position of market leadership for torsion resistant flexible bellows couplings with an excellent price to performance ratio, and global availability. 


Many elastomer coupling models ship from stock, and include the benefit of a proprietary calibration process to ensure smooth running. All couplings and torque limiters are designed to operate free of wear and backlash, and help to ensure efficient and safe operation of rotating equipment. R+W employs a qualified and motivated staff, requiring quick reaction times to customer inquiries, and the shortest possible channels of communication. The result is a flexible and efficient organization. Benefit from our worldwide network of expertise. 



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