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Shimpo Drives, Inc.


Shimpo Drives produces servo gearing for industrial applications with inline cycloidal style speed reducers, mechanical variable speed drives as well as servo gear reducers in concentric planetary and spiral bevel styles.

News Brief

SHIMPO has established itself over time as a leading supplier of drive technology and precision power transmission solutions to the industrial marketplace. With traditional roots that began imbedded in the development of mechanical variable speed powertrains, SHIMPO has grown into a more diverse manufacturer of high precision and heavy duty power transmission products.

Today NIDEC-SHIMPO is producing more than 30,000 servo motor speed reducers per month out of its Ping Hu facility. With the marketplace continuing to demand higher levels of precision, NIDEC-SHIMPO continues to push forward in the development of high quality, dependable products at a price point that allows customers to be competitive in the global arena.


SHIMPO AMERICA was established in 1974 in the Chicago, Illinois metropolitan area. The location still exists in that area, approximate 24 miles northwest of the city center and 7 miles from O’Hare airport. The office serves as the headquarters for NIDEC-SHIMPO’S AMERICAS operations. The site includes all administrative functions, applications and design engineering, sales and customers service, light assembly operations, and warehousing and logistics control. 




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