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Stöber has been a pioneer in the gearing industry since 1934. Through constant innovation, Stöber has improved performance and efficiency and reduced noise.

Beginning with the ComTrac mechanical variable speed reducer, Stöber established itself as a technology innovator, and adding the reliable constant speed MGS series broadened their product offering. The MGS (Modular Gear System) line provides a large range of available sizes, ratios, mounting flexibilities and extremely responsive delivery options.

Stöber's ServoFit precision planetary gearheads set the standard for low noise and low backlash in the servo industry. The SMS (ServoFit Modular System) combines the proven excellence of the MGS system with servo precision to create a cost-effective alternative in the servo market.

Stöber has a broad product offering, providing one-stop shopping for both the industrial gearing market and the rapidly growing motion control market

  • Precsion gear reduction solutions
  • MGS™ industrial speed reducers
  • ServoFit™ precision planetary gearheads
  • ComTrac® adjustable-speed drives
  • Washdown / food duty option readily available


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