Industrial robots provide numerous advantages in manufacturing, such as increased efficiency and productivity, higher quality, longer working hours and reduced costs. However, high capital costs, extensive training needed for implementation, and a lack of flexibility may drive off certain small and medium sized companies, that are interested in a user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective solution to their automation requirements.

Collaborative robots, more commonly referred to as “cobots”, are an excellent option for these companies. They are specifically intended for close human-robot interactions within a shared workspace. Some applications even allow for humans and robots to work in the same part at the same time. This dramatically differs from traditional industrial robots, that must be isolated from humans, due to safety concerns. Cobots are also characterized by their user-friendly programming methods, fast setup, and ease of redeployment. Motion Tech Automation® has a variety of 6-axis and 7-axis cobots from AUBO Robotics® and Kassow Robots® that can easily adapt to a wide variety of applications such as assembling, packaging, welding, painting, quality inspection, polishing, dispensing, picking and placing, loading and unloading, palletizing, injection molding and machine tending, among many others.

Another great option for movement automation in manufacturing are cartesian motion robots (also called linear motion robots), and electric actuators. These technologies can be used to replace pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, or as an alternative/complement to industrial and collaborative robots. Cartesian motion robots move in a straight line in three different axes at right angles to each other. They offer lower costs and less complexity compared to SCARA or typical 6-axis robots. On the other hand, electric actuators can combine linear and rotary motions for even more complex paths. They also offer lower costs and reduced maintenance compared to traditional pneumatic/hydraulic actuators. Common applications of both cartesian robots and electric actuators are picking and placing, machine vision, automated storage, measuring, cutting, dispensing, marking, sorting and tool handling. Motion Tech Automation carries cartesian motion robots from Rexroth® and electric actuators from Exlar®.

Independent of the technology that you choose, Motion Tech Automation has the experience and product portfolio needed to get you up and running in no time!

AUBO Robotics

Aubo Robotics focuses on the development of human-centric collaborative robots. These are designed in accordance with PL and ISO 10218-1 safety standards to work close to humans in a safe manner once a risk assessment is performed. No guards, lasers, sensors, or personal protection equipment are needed in most situations.

Four different 6-axes models are available. They can handle between 3 and 10 kg payloads, and reach up to 1350 mm. No programming skills are needed to set them up, thanks to their hand guide-to-teach function. This minimizes the amount of training and time needed for deployment, as well as the costs associated with installation. Their small footprint and lightweight construction (15.5-37 kg) make them easy to move around and repurpose if needed. Other features include a 30000-h lifetime, up to ± 0.3-mm precision, linear velocities up to 4.0 m/s and low power consumptions of 150-500 W. The robot, control box and teach pendant are IP54 rated, as well.

Kassow Robots

Kassow Robots cobots are powerful, cost-effective, and reliable robotic assistants designed to increase productivity in small and medium sized enterprises by improving collaboration between humans and machines in a safe manner. They can be used in industrial environments with little or no additional safety measures depending on the application. Little programming knowledge is needed; anyone can set up and operate the cobot after a basic introduction. Their user-friendliness, lightweight and compact design allow them to adapt to changing tasks and requirements.

Kassow Robots cobots consist of one single arm with rotating joints with an advantageous mechanic design. All their models feature 7 axes of movement to better mimic a human arm’s movement. This feature allows for curved paths and increased maneuverability, that most competing cobots cannot match, since most only offer up to 6 axes of movement. They can handle up to 10 kg payloads and reach a maximum of 1800 mm. Other important features include a ± 0.1-mm precision, 170 degrees per second joint speed and IP54 rating.

Rexroth® Cartesian Motion Robots

Rexroth® cartesian motion robots are a complete solution for linear motion applications. Rexroth® offers a variety of modules (compact, precision, standard, etc.), connectors and cable handling options. Thus, a wide range of load and speed capabilities are possible, so applications can range from small laboratories to large manufacturing plants or warehouses. Some of the standard features offered in this series are a compact but rigid frame, ball screw or ball rail systems for movement, a one-point lubrication system for low maintenance, a maximum payload of 100 kg, a top speed of 5 m/s, a maximum acceleration of 100 m/s2, a stroke up to 12 m, positioning accuracy up to ±0.01 mm and repeatability up to ±0.005 mm. Programming can be done under IEC61131-3, but also in common high-level programming languages like C++ and VBA via Rexroth’s Open Core Interface.

Exlar® Automation

Exlar® offers an unmatched line of electric actuators in linear and rotary configurations. By combining these two types of movement, nearly any motion is possible. Some models offer a complete solution in one sleek, compact and sealed package that combines a servo drive, a digital position controller, a brushless and an actuator. This reduces panel space, and mounting, wiring and cabling costs. These products are available in both AC and DC configurations, 60-215 mm frame sizes, 3-18 ” strokes, up to 3,460 lbf of continuous thrust with an integrated motor or 80,000 lbf with an external motor, and a maximum speed of 1500 mm/s. Analog and digital I/O, as well as popular communication networks like Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP are standard. Compliance with UL, CSA and CE standards is also offered.

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