With the rise of global trade, overseas competition and widespread industrial automation, conveyor systems are a must to achieve high productivity and remain competitive in an everchanging industrial landscape. However, finding out the correct conveyor belt systems for your manufacturing company can be a daunting task, especially if you have little or no previous experience with these products. Or maybe you just need to remodel your facilities with new high-quality automated conveyor systems to increase throughput, save money and reduce downtime. Whatever your requirements are, Motion Tech Automation has a variety of conveyors from Conveyor Technologies Ltd®. and Rexroth® to choose from, and the expertise to assess your problem and recommend the product with the right specifications for the task. Working with us will speed up your research and decision-making process, so your company can benefit from high quality and reliable conveyors.

Conveyor Technologies Ltd.

Modular Plastic Belt Conveyor

Modular plastic belt conveyors by Conveyor Technologies Ltd. offer a complete solution with proven performance, durability and belt life. They feature a controlled back tension that increases the life of the belt and the sprockets, and eliminates linear belt variations due to wear, load, and thermal changes. Sprockets are carefully sized to achieve a smooth, stable, and low-noise operation. Other important features include dynamic belt tracking on both ends, maintenance without removing the belt, precise bearing alignments, and compact drives that require little to no maintenance.  This product is available in 0.5-1.0 ” pitches, 2-24 ” widths and up to 29-ft lengths.

AccuVision Conveyor

AccuVision conveyors by Conveyor Technologies Ltd. incorporate LED or micro fluorescent modules for improved visual inspection. The LED modules are shock and vibration resistant, will last for several years, and are compatible with high speed digital cameras. Other features include fixed and variable speed drives with controlled acceleration/deceleration, and a one-minute belt replacement capacity thanks to its unique open stand design. AccuVision’s light fields are available in 2-16 ” widths and up to 44-inch lengths.

AccuMove Conveyor (Timing Belt Conveyor)

AccuMove conveyors by Conveyor Technologies Ltd. can be used for accurate part positioning, precision indexing, heavy loads and synchronous movement of multiple conveyors. They are available in 17-tooth and 25-tooth variants, 50 to 450 mm belt widths and 2 to 10 feet lengths. Other features include solid urethane belts reinforced with steel/Kevlar tensile cords that reduce belt wear when carrying heavy loads, and sealed bearings that impede lubricant contamination of products.

End Drive Conveyor

End drive conveyors are units where the drive is located at either end (head or tail) of the conveyor.  For most applications, a head drive (discharge side) is used, because it creates a pull force. Some applications, like declined conveyors, may benefit from tail drives (infeed side), to prevent the load from driving the movement of the conveyor. Conveyor Technologies Ltd. carries two different types of end drives (series S and series A), with 2-24 ” widths and 2-10 feet lengths.

Center Drive Conveyor

Center drive conveyors are units where the drive is located somewhere along the conveyor’s length. They are used when space constraints at the ends prevent the use of end drives, or when knife edges are required on both ends of the conveyor (e.g. transferring of small parts). Center drive conveyors are also reversible (can travel in both directions), which makes them ideal for flexible layouts. Conveyor Technologies Ltd. carries center drive conveyors with 2-24 ” widths and 2-29 feet lengths.

Round Belt Conveyors

Round belt conveyors are used for transporting products with increased stability and reduced contact. They are especially useful for small pieces, unstable parts, and operations where contact needs to be minimized (e.g. drying). They can also be applied to operations where access to the product’s bottom is required, like printing or visual inspections. They allow for high conveying speeds, are well suited for clean room applications, offer great chemical and abrasion resistance, and can be operated in both directions.


Aluminum Structural Framing

Rexroth aluminum modular profile framing system allows for almost any structure to be quickly assembled without special tools or skills. This product offers more than 100 different aluminum profiles, a dozen type of connectors and a handful selection of accessories, that can be combined for any application or load needed. Its clean and aesthetic look makes painting unnecessary and ready to use out of the box.

TS Conveyors

TS Conveyors by Rexroth® are modular, workpiece pallet-based, non-synchronous conveyors that offer a complete solution for your assembly line. Their design allows for increased productivity and quality, and unrivaled flexibility. These systems can be expanded, modified or relocated as your requirements change. Their modularity also reduces their up-front cost. They can handle weights from 0 to 400 kg and offer a variety of workpiece pallets and conveyor media types. Some models are compatible with clean rooms, electrostatically sensitive areas, oily environment and dry rooms (on request).

VarioFlow Plus Plastic Chain Conveyor

Rexroth’s VarioFlow Plus is a modular, low-noise, easy-to-assemble and energy-efficient plastic chain conveyor. Assembly is quick due to a reduced, side-entry fastener design. Maintenance is low due to low-friction materials and reduced wear. The motor mounting position can be selected on site and changed at any time. This product is best used in packaged foods, pharmaceuticals and health care. Workpiece pallets are available for high-precision applications.

ActiveMover Transfer System

Rexroth’s ActiveMover Transfer System is a high-speed, linear motor transfer system. High precision of ± 0.1 mm of workpiece pallets is possible thanks to its integrated measuring system. Both synchronous, asynchronous and reversible operations can be configured. Workpiece pallets can withstand up to 10 kg and 160 N. Cycle times are reduced, because of its high acceleration (40 m/s2) and speed (150 m/min), as well as its fast changeover time (as low as 0.1 s).

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