Industrial safety is a major concern in modern manufacturing facilities. It should not be limited exclusively to protecting workers, but also machines from mechanical and electrical hazards. This is especially important because broken equipment can generate significant downtime, decrease productivity, and impact profits. Motion Tech Automation offers several electrical control devices like contactors, circuit breakers and disconnect switches that can help your company protect devices from overloads and workers from potentially dangerous conditions.


Contactors are electrically controlled switching devices. They are basically a special type of relay. They are normally used to power high-current load applications like motors, and feature arc suppressing mechanisms. On the other hand, relays are used for smaller loads and do not have arc suppressing features. WEG manufactures the following types of contactors.

Power Contactors

Power contactors are primarily used power circuits but can also command control functions with their built-in auxiliary contacts. Some of the most common features in WEG’s power contactors include 35-mm DIN rail mounting capabilities, sophisticated arc quenching techniques, an integrated surge suppressor block slot, and a zero-width mechanical interlock. WEG offers the following types of power contactors.

  1. Compact Contactors (CWB Series) – For applications up to 80 A.
  2. NEMA Compact Contactors (CWBN Series) – A special version of the CWB series with NEMA sizes from 00 to 2 (up to 50 A or 25 HP @ 460 V).
  3. Miniature Contactors (CWC Series) – Up to 60 % smaller than the CWB Series. They are ideal for small space applications and can be directly connected to PLCs, inverters, and starters.
  4. General Use Contactors (CWM Series) – For loads up to 800 A @ 460 VAC.
  5. NEMA General Use Contactors (CWM_N Series) – A special version of the CWM series with sizes from 00 to 5 (up to 300 A or 200 HP @ 460 V).
  6. Contactors for Safety Applications (CWBS Series) – TÜV certified contactors with protection against inadvertent operation. They are available in a different color for easy identification.

Auxiliary Contactors

WEG auxiliary contactors are designed for control circuits and can only handle low currents. They come with auxiliary contacts only and no main contacts. They feature 35-mm DIN rail mounting capabilities and direct connection to PLCs.

Contactors for Switching Capacitors (CWMC Series)

WEG also offers contactors for switching power factor correction capacitors. Some of their features are a compact size, 35-mm DIN rail mounting capabilities, built-in auxiliary contacts, and pre-charged damping resistors to reduce current peaks when switched, which extends the useful life of the device.

Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker is a switching device that automatically interrupts the current flow when an overload or short-circuit is detected, to prevent damage to electrical components. They include electrical arc suppression capabilities for both normal operating conditions and short-circuits.

  1. Molded Case Circuit Breakers (DWB and UBW series) – The DWB series is now UL489 certified. It comes in 4 compact frames with rated currents from 20 to 600 A and 3 short-circuit interrupting capacities. The UBW series are specifically designed for industrial equipment. It features rated currents from 15 to 200 A and short-circuit interrupting capacities up to 100 KIAC.
  2. Miniature Circuit Breakers (UMBW Series) are UL489 and UL1077 certified with rated currents from 1 to 63 A; 1,2 or 3 poles; and B, C, D trip curves.

Disconnect Switches (MSW Series)

Disconnect switches are safety switching devices used to isolate an electrical circuit to make sure it is completely deenergized for service or emergency shutdowns. Unlike circuit breakers, they do not have arc suppression capabilities; therefore, disconnect switches are intended to be used as an additional safety layer once the load has been disconnected.

WEG offers the MSW series of rotary switch disconnectors. These were designed in compliance with IEC60947-3 and UL508, to be manually operated and for currents up to 160 A. They offer IP20 for terminal protection and IP65 for handles. Their compact form factor and two mounting options provide this product line with enough flexibility for any installation.

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