Manufacturing and automation are complex processes that involve different machines and equipment. One often overlooked part of this processes is the enclosure. Selecting the correct enclosure can increase uptime, simplify facilities, extend working hours and lead to higher productivity. However, finding the right product can be challenging, especially if you are searching for a proven solution.

Motion Tech Automation has partnered with Haewa to offer the best of best in enclosures, cabinets, and climate control solutions. This company has practically perfected the craft of making enclosures. They offer IP-rated, robust products made from a variety of metallic (sheet steel and stainless steel) and nonmetallic materials. They are available in free-standing, modular and wall mounted variants, as well as in a wide range of sizes.

Free-Standing Modular Cabinets

Free-standing modular cabinets offer the same robust construction of traditional Haewa free-standing cabinets with the added flexibility. Additional cabinets can be added by bolting them together or using joining brackets. Standard specifications include a torsion resistant frame, a load capacity up to 1400 kg and outside applications compatibility. They are available up to 78.74-inch height, 47.24-inch width and 31.5-inch depth.

Wallmount Enclosures

Haewa wallmount enclosures are ideal to maximize your existing floor space. They are especially useful when dealing with a small working area or an installation that does not allow for a free-standing enclosure. Standard features include a patented 180 ° concealed hinge, flanged edges, and a narrow door gap to prevent water and dust from entering. They are available up to 62.99-inch width, 60.04-inch height and 16.54-inch depth.

Cabinet Climate Control Equipment

The appropriate cooling or heating solution is mandatory for an enclosure to perform at its best. Haewa offers a wide variety of climate control products that include heaters, filter fans, heat exchangers and air conditioners.

Heaters ensure a minimum operating temperature and prevent condensation in low temperature and high humidity environments. They are compact and quiet; heat is provided by a PTC-resistor.

Heat exchangers are available in air-to-air and air-to-water variants. They are compact, require little maintenance and offer a high cooling capacity.

Air conditioners can cool the enclosure below ambient temperature. They can be useful when operating at high ambient temperatures or when using special components.

Filter fans are mostly used when simple but effective heat dissipation is needed.

Other Enclosure Types

Haewa manufactures more enclosure types that might interest you. The compact69 line of enclosures are best suited for rough environments where IP66/69K ratings are needed and can even be mounted on vehicles. Explosion-proof enclosures ATEX/ECEX can be installed in gas and dust explosion hazardous areas. Hygienic enclosures are used for food processing and pharmaceutical applications. PC cabinets for industrial environments are also available. Even small enclosures made of ABS and polyester are used for special applications. In short, whatever the requirements are, Haewa most certainly has an enclosure or cabinet for the job!

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