Every manufacturing process is driven by motors. Almost every machine, regardless of the industry, must perform a specific type of motion. Achieving this requires selecting the appropriate type of motor, that meets the specifications for torque, speed and sometimes even position or acceleration. Automation applications particularly make use of special motors like stepper, servo, direct drive and linear motors. These types of motors might be unfamiliar to some companies. Therefore, the research, selection and implementation process needed to find the right motor for every application can certainly be troublesome, expensive, and time-inefficient for those inexperienced.

Motion Tech Automation has partnered with JVL, Rexroth and Oriental Motor to offer a broad motor selection. All these companies offer high-performance and reliable motors that can meet the requirements of any industrial application. With their expertise, your company can achieve a productive, energy-efficient, and reliable solution to any motor-controlled automated applications.

Electric Motors

Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are brushless DC motors that split one rotation in a certain number of steps, that represents a certain amount of degrees. A stepper motor’s position can be commanded, without a position feedback mechanism, by counting the number of steps performed by the motor. Motion Tech Automation offers stepper motors from JVL and Oriental Motor.


A servomotor is a special type of motor that can output a precise angular or linear position. It normally employs a rotary encoder for precise position feedback, a servo controller to command the device and a servo drive (also known as servo amplifier) to amplify the controller’s signal and move the motor. Motion Tech Automation carries servomotors from JVL, Rexroth and Oriental Motor.

Linear Motors

A linear motor is a special type of motor where the stator and rotor are “unrolled” and configured linearly, therefore producing a linear force and movement, instead of a rotary force like normal motors. Motion Tech Automation carries linear motors from Rexroth. Linear motion solutions are also offered by JVL and Oriental Motor by combining stepper motors and linear actuators.

Motion Controllers and Drives (Amplifiers)

A motion controller is a device that commands a motor’s position. On the other hand, a motion control drive, also referred to as a motion control amplifier, is a device that receives the signal coming from the motion controller, amplifies it and delivers it to the motor to produce the desired motion (proportional to the signal’s strength). Motion controllers and drives are used to control both stepper and servomotors. Motion Tech Automation offers motion controllers and amplifiers from JVL, Oriental Motor and Rexroth.

Direct Drive Motors

A direct drive motor (also known as torque motor) is a type of motor where the load is connected directly to the motor and no transmission mechanisms are used. Direct drive motors offer increased efficiency and durability, as well as reduced maintenance noise, inertia, and hysteresis. They can be used for high speed and high acceleration applications, due to their high torque to power ratio, as well precise positioning applications when coupled with motion controllers. Motion Tech Automation offers direct drive technology from Rexroth.

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