Manufacturing often requires performing linear and rotary movements in a predictable and repeatable fashion. Finding the right product for each application can be time-consuming and inefficient. Motion Tech Automation can help your company by recommending the appropriate electric actuator for fast, precise, and clean solutions. Motion Tech Automation has partnered with Rexroth and ATLANTA Drive Systems for linear actuators and with Sankyo Automation for rotary actuators, to provide some of the best electric actuators in the market.


Linear Guides and Linear Axes

Rexroth offers both linear guide and linear axes. Linear guide systems are assemblies that include block, rail, and rail guides. Ball rail, miniature ball rail, roller rail and cam roller linear guides are available. On the other hand, linear axes solutions include a variety of modules that incorporate ball rail tables, motion slides and drive units. Compact, linear, precision, feed and omega module types are available.

Linear Screw Assemblies

Linear screw assemblies are devices that transform rotational motion to linear motion. Rexroth offers both ball screw and planetary screw assemblies. Both types are capable solutions for high-load and high-precision applications, but planetary screws offer a more compact design, better precision, higher load rating, faster speeds, decreased noise, and improved lifespans.

Electromechanical Cylinders

Electromechanical cylinders are rod-style linear actuators that convert rotary motion to linear motion. They are a great alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Force, position, and speed can be controlled for complex working profiles. They are based on high-precision ball screw assemblies for high performance and cost-effectiveness.

Integrated Measuring Systems

Rexroth also offers integrated measuring systems that can be directly integrated to linear guides for one complete and compact solution. Available for both ball and roller rail systems.

ATLANTA Drive Systems

Gear Racks and Rack & Pinion Systems

Gear racks are devices that turn rotational motion into linear motion by moving a circular gear (a pinion) against a linear gear (a rack). ATLANTA offers four rack styles: helical, straight, integrated and round. Five levels of accuracy (from low to ultra-high precision models), metric pitches from 1.0 to 16.0, four quality levels (soft, quenched & tempered, induction-hardened, and hardened & grounded) and a 92,000 lbf maximum linear force capacity are available in this product. Complete rack & pinion systems coupled with a servo motor and reducer are also offered.

Pinion Gears

ATLANTA offers a variety of pinion gears including helical, straight, ISO flanged, split-pinion and circular pitch. Metric pitches from 1.0 to 12.0 and three quality levels (soft, induction-hardened, and hardened & grounded) are available.

Automatic Lubrication Systems

Adequate lubrication is necessary to ensure gears perform up to their specifications, and to prevent excessive wear. Although possible, manual lubrication is not recommended, because the layer of grease is inconsistent throughout the gears’ surfaces. ATLANTA’s automatic lubrication systems help achieve maximum gear performance and durability.

Ball screw Drives

Ball screw drives are linear actuators that transform rotational motion to linear motion by moving ball bearings along a threaded shaft. They are best used for high-load, high-precision applications.  ATLANTA’s ball screw drives reach speeds up to 590 in/s with axial loads of 36000 lbf.

Linear Rail Systems

ATLANTA’s linear rail systems are assemblies that include carriages, rails, and rail guides. They feature self-aligning capabilities, and a smooth, high-speed movement. Multiple carriages with different load, size and accuracy specifications are available.

Sankyo Automation


Servo indexers are servo motors that move a certain number of degrees (an index) at a time, at a predefined speed and acceleration. They are commonly used for high-speed, high-precision rotary applications like filling containers. Sankyo offers several types of indexers including servo and fixed-stop cam indexers.

Servo indexers offer the most flexibility; they can be precisely configured for each application. Fixed-stop cam indexers offer less flexibility but include up to 48 positions and 300 cycles per minute of rotational speed. Some of the shared features among all models are none or low backlash, a high rigidity construction (especially useful against vibrations) and a compact body.

Linear Servo Actuator

Servo linear actuators are devices powered by servo motors to move a load or equipment between two points. Sankyo’s CS series features a 0.03-mm positioning accuracy, a 0.02-mm repetitiveness, a 0.67 m/s linear speed, zero-backlash, and a compact size, among others.


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