Most processes in manufacturing companies involve inefficient activities that do not add value to the final product. Some examples of these are repetitive tasks, reprocesses, useless movements of intermediate goods and unnecessary temporary storages. They are often the result of legacy systems, unbalanced throughputs among production lines, partial upgrades that didn’t encompass the whole manufacturing process or errors in quality control. Most companies don’t have enough time to tackle all these problems, so these inefficient activities continue to drive cost up and lower productivity over the years. However, being competitive in a globalized marketplace requires identifying and solving these problems quickly. Outsourcing can be a great option for businesses of all sizes to find effective solutions to these challenges. Value added manufacturing services from Motion Tech Automation are a great option to consider.

Value added manufacturing is a management philosophy focused on continuous improvement by eliminating nonvalue adding activities. Motion Tech Automation accomplishes these by offering different services the generate immediate value to companies, so they can more productive and cost-effective. Whether your company needs help in simplifying a complex supply chain, designing preassembled assemblies or machining complex components, Motion Tech Automation can help!

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a critical part of operations for any manufacturing company. It requires keeping track of international and local providers, inventories of raw material, work-in-progress and finished products, and fulfilling orders on time. In order to remain competitive and innovative, companies need to focus on their core business. Managing a complex supply chain at the same time can be hard, and it usually entails being distracted from the most critical activities in your company. Some of the most accepted modern strategies for dealing with this problem is by outsourcing some of the supply chain work to a professional. Motion Tech Automation can help you reduce your number of providers, search for more economical alternatives for raw materials, or even manage your entire supply chain. Any of these options will help your business by freeing up valuable time to focus on your products.

Electrical Assembly Services

The knowledge needed to operate complex electrical systems in modern automated manufacturing plants is usually difficult to achieve for most companies. Extensive training and/or hiring a professional electrical engineer or technician with these capabilities is usually expensive. Outsourcing some electrical assembly tasks to a proven contractor like Motion Tech Automation can be an effective way of analyzing, modernizing, changing and troubleshooting your electrical installation. Motion Tech Automation can provide the following services and more: control panels design, electrical wiring, general electrical engineering and engineering support.

Electromechanical Assembly Services

Modern manufacturing companies require engineers to understand both the mechanical and electrical functions of a machine. Typically, mechanical systems or actuators are driven by industrial computer programs written in programmable logic controllers (with complex electronics inside), which are at the same time installed in enclosures with a 3-phase 220-240 VAC power supply. Finding an engineer who can analyze, design, build, maintain and troubleshoot complex systems like these is difficult. Motion Tech Automation offers brand-new electromechanical solutions, prebuilt subassemblies, upgrades to your existing setup and engineering support. These capabilities can help you enhance your machines and improve productivity.

Machining Services

Incorporating CNC capabilities in your workshop is generally an expensive and time-consuming process. Usually CNC machines cost $100,000 or more, and extensive training or a professional CNC operator is needed to effectively use the machine. Most companies do not really need a 5-axis CNC milling machine, they just need that specific machine for making one specific part that needs to be replaced or that can improve the manufacturing process. Outsourcing machining can be a cost-effective and time-saving options for many companies. Motion Tech Automation offers several CNC machines including vertical and horizontal mills, lathes, swiss lathes and 5-axis mills. With these capabilities, they can produce complex machined parts from 3D models or blueprints in little time, which will translate to lower lead times and higher profits for your company.

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