Modern manufacturing plants typically include complex electrical systems. Lighting, alarms, control panels, cooling systems, sensors, contactors, cables, networks and transformers are only some the components manufacturers use in their plants. The knowledge required to design, assemble, modify, operate, and troubleshoot all these components is difficult to achieve. Most of the time requires extensive training, hiring specialized personnel or consulting with different experts. All these options are expensive, time-consuming and inefficient. 

However, managing complex electrical systems and electronics can be more easily done by outsourcing. Specialized contractors like Motion Tech Automation have a vast knowledge of the different solutions and best providers of electrical and electronic components, and how to better implement these technologies to your company. By using its services, you can refocus your efforts on your core business, and free up valuable time so you can do what you do best. The correct implementation of this strategy often results in a more efficient, cost-effective, and productive operation in the short term, that will lead to lower costs and higher profits.

MTA’s Electrical Assembly Services

Motion Tech Automation offers a series of electrical assembly services as part of its value added manufacturing services suite. Their solutions are backed by their vast experience in automation, electrical engineering and industrial solutions. Some of the specific services they offer in this field are the following.

Control Panels

Control panels are some of the most fundamental equipment in every industry. They command machines, provide safety features and alarms, safeguard electrical equipment and provide real-time information to workers and managers. However, designing and building high-performance control panels require knowledge of many different topics in electrical engineering and electronics like safety ratings, enclosures, main power, control power, switches, breakers, programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces and others. Procuring the right components and making sure they are all compatible can also increase the difficulty of an already complicated task.

With all these factors considered, outsourcing some or all this work to a reliable company like Motion Tech Automation makes a lot of sense. Its engineers can help your company design, build, and operate control panels, as well as troubleshoot the most common problem associated with their components. Their access to top-notch electrical component manufacturers ensure they have the expertise to recommend the appropriate solutions to each case. If needed, they can even build a complete ready-to-use solution tailormade for your specific application.

Frame Wiring

Proper wiring requires knowledge of safety, design and installation standards. Allowable wire and cable types, operating voltages and currents, environmental considerations (temperature, moisture, exposure to sunlight and chemicals), specific application restrictions (food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing), circuit protection and variable safety codes are only some of the factors that must be considered. Motion Tech Automation can help your company design and build a clean, safe and adequate wiring installation.

Electrical Engineering

Motion Tech Automation can also help plan, design, build and deploy any sort of electrical equipment. Our team has a deep knowledge of electrical engineering topics like power, control systems, electronics, signals, networks, equipment protection and much more, and their corresponding applications to manufacturing.

Electrical Engineering Support

Motion Tech Automation also offers general electrical engineering consultation and support. With so many different technologies involved in modern electrical systems and electronics, consulting with a subject matter expert can help solve any challenge and make sure your job is done in the best way possible.

Cable and Harness Assembly

Our team of engineers can also help by designing and assembling different cable harnesses to ensure a secure installation and optimized use of space. Common applications of this service include manufacturing machines and control panels.

Build to Print

Motion Tech Automation also offers the possibility of building customized electrical assemblies based on your own schematics or CAD models. This service ensures the compatibility, performance and quality of the different components used. It also makes upgrading a breeze and allows you to keep using your old system until the new one is ready for deployment, reducing downtime and maintaining productivity high in the process.

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