Modern manufacturing includes several electrical and mechanical devices assembled into complex systems. These devices interact continuously and respond according to mutual inputs received in the form of digital or analog signals. Some components found in these systems are control panels, programmable logic controllers, motors, compressors, robots, actuators, sensors, circuit breakers and alarms, among many others. The amount of knowledge required to design, assemble, modify, operate and troubleshoot these systems is difficult for a company to achieve, because it requires hiring specialized personnel or extensive training in these subjects. Either option can be expensive and time-consuming.

A great choice to solve this problem is by outsourcing some or all this work to a specialized contractor like Motion Tech Automation, which has extensive knowledge of the different electrical and mechanical devices involved in automated manufacturing, as well as information on the best suppliers of these components. Its engineers can offer customized solutions to your electromechanical engineering applications. By using these services, your company can focus on developing its core business to remain competitive. The advantages of implementing a strategy like this are a more efficient, streamlined, cost-effective and profitable operation in the short term.

MTA’s Electromechanical Assembly Services

The electromechanical assembly services offered by Motion Tech Automation are part of its value added manufacturing services suite. Their solutions are backed by their vast engineering and automation experience applied to many different problems and industries. Some of the specific services offered in this field are the following.

Machined Parts

Not all companies have in-house CNC machining capabilities. For small companies, the prices of CNC machines can be cost prohibitive, and the training needed to operate them might be counterproductive in the short term. However, not having a CNC machine does not have to mean missing out on the benefits offered by them. Machined parts offer unmatched customization capabilities, that can be used to modify existing machines and develop new processes, or to easily replace defective parts. Motion Tech Automation has the capacity of machining almost any part needed by its customers thanks to their variety of CNC machines that include vertical and horizontal mills, traditional and swiss lathes, and 5-axis mills.


Complete and ready-to-use electromechanical subassemblies are available from Motion Tech Automation. They can be built from schematics, CAD models or engineered from scratch, based on the customer’s requirements. This service ensures the compatibility, performance and quality of the different electrical and mechanical components used. It also makes upgrading a breeze and allows using your old system until the new one is ready for deployment, reducing downtime and maintaining productivity high in the process.

Frame Integration

Motion Tech Automation offers frame integration services of new or existing assemblies. With this option, your company can make sure that electromechanical systems work seamlessly and in the most efficient manner.

Engineering Support

Motion Tech Automation can help with general electromechanical engineering consultation and support. With so many different technologies involved in modern manufacturing systems, consulting with a subject matter expert can help solve doubts and make sure your job is done in the best way possible.

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