Globalized marketplaces have introduced several challenges and opportunities. Manufacturing companies now face increased competition and lower prices from overseas competitors. However, they have also benefited from access to international markets, free trade agreements, and a broad selection of economical and high-quality suppliers from all over the world. In this setting, supply chain management has become a necessity to effectively compete in a networked economy.

But global supply chain management has also increased in complexity at the same time. Companies now must deal with international providers, inbound and outbound logistics, variable lead times, different time zones, localized marketing campaigns, language barriers and much more. The amount of time this managerial work takes has increased so much that some companies are just not able to follow. Some have shifted considerable resources to managing their supply chains, that could be used more efficiently in other areas.

One strategy that has proven effective to take on these problems is specialization and outsourcing. Some manufacturing companies have opted for focusing on what really drives profits, their core business. At the same time, they have decided to outsource supply chain activities like logistics, procurement and inventory management to companies that can perform them better or at a lower cost. Motion Tech Automation has emerged as a leading provider of supply chain management services as a part of its value added manufacturing services suite. Its deep knowledge of automation, providers and network of manufacturing companies make it an excellent choice to manage your global supply chain needs.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is considered a strategic component that, when done correctly, results in cost minimization, increased customer satisfaction, competitive advantage acquisition, lower lead times, reduced working capital and profit maximization. Overall, its main objective is to ensure all activities in the supply chain create value. In order to achieve this, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply and demand, reducing movements and handling, removing bottlenecks, and managing information downstream and upstream are a must. Some of the specific services offered by Motion Tech Automation to achieve these results are the following:

Supplier optimization

Effective supply chain management requires ensuring consistent and reliable providers of raw materials, machines and components. Without reliable inputs, downtime and cost per unit are increased. Motion Tech Automation can help your company by identifying alternative suppliers for your current inputs, streamlining the number of suppliers, or researching the market for new materials needed for your business. Supplier optimization can result in lower costs, increased flexibility, lower lead times and faster R&D, among others.

Upstream and Downstream Integration

In order to maximize efficiency, supply chain management must consider strategically coordinating upstream and downstream activities. Greater collaboration among all companies in a specific supply chain is a way to gain a competitive advantage by tailoring procurement, production and distribution processes. Companies trying to implement just-in-time can benefit from this integration by making sure products are received at the precise time, and orders are synchronized across producers and distributors. OEMs can also benefit from this approach by controlling more closely their providers’ components; contract manufacturers can similarly customize their products for specific OEMs or industries. Neither of these are possible without a solid integrated information system across supply chain echelons.

Complete Supply Chain Management

Outsourcing your complete supply chain management to Motion Tech Automation is also a possibility. With his approach, Motion Tech Automation will design, plan, execute and monitor the entire flow of goods from end to end. In this way, you can focus on manufacturing and R&D, while Motion Tech Automation focuses on strategically coordinating all activities to maximize efficiency, productivity and profits.

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