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Sale of MTA Distribution Business

On December 14, 2020, the distribution business of Motion Tech Automation (MTA) was acquired by JHFoster in Eagan, MN.  Distribution customers and suppliers of Motion Tech’s distribution business will now be serviced by JHFoster and should reach out to them by using one of the three recommended methods:

  1. www.jhfoster.com
  2. solutions@jhfoster.com
  3. 800-582-5162 

Motion Tech Automation, LLC, will continue to provide electromechanical assembly, precision machining, Lion Precision sensors and product development services to our customers.   Orders for Motion Tech Automation should continue to be sent to:

  1. customerservice-mta@carlisleft.com
  2. 651-467-5163

For more information on this acquisition, please visit www.jhfoster.com/newsroom or www.motiontech.com/contact

Contact Information
Fax: 651-730-9039
Motion Tech Automation, LLC

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